Disappointing Products #3

I posted one of these in January and it included all the disappointments of 2016, but here we are in the first part of 2017 and I already have a ton more. Again I won't write which one I bought and which one was given to me because it doesn't matter (it's 50:50 for those who want to know), but please read all these disappointments posts critically. You're smart enough to recognise this is just one opinion. When I criticise a product, I emphasise it didn't work for me and most products are not bad, they could still work for a different type of either skin/hair or personal preference.


Main problem: Catrice forgot to check what pale means.
So much potential, but unfortunately this has so many faults. For one it's not actually light enough. Catrice underestimated just how pale skin tones exist and this lightener is already almost a foundation shade for some of us (it's the same as Nars' Chantilly and it's yellow toned). You can't lighten enough with something in a shade that's almost like the shade you want to get to. You need to add of the product to the foundation, not just because of the colour, but on top of that it's not even pigmented enough. The "drops" are a bit greasy, so they mess up the texture of the foundation, but its biggest fault is that they destroy the staying power of foundations. I really appreciate the effort Catrice made, as we desperately need such a product in the drugstores, but The Body Shop's are a lot better and Catrice should revise the formula.

Main problem: I don't want to say it's the worst foundation ever, but no other comes to mind.
This was just a massive fail for me. While I have combination-dry skin, matte foundations still manage to look ok on me (like the fantastic L'Oreal Infallible Matte), but this is just a tragedy on the face. It's got a dry, somewhat mousse-y texture that's very thick and hard to blend. It's a very obvious and fake foundation, which also flaked on me. The coverage itself is good, about a medium-full, it lasts all day and it is actually waterproof, but it's just so odd on the skin. The lightest shade is also very dark and orange.

Main problem: not rainbow-ey enough.
Putting my dislike for rainbow trend aside, I still find this unimpressive. It's not that it's a bad highlighter, it's just if you're doing a rainbow highlighter, why include just four colours in stripes that are too wide to apply for a nice rainbow effect? The rainbow look was the whole point of the trend, right? I'm sure Essence just always intended for it to be mixed, but this way it loses some of its appeal for those who wanted a budget rainbow effect. It's also not a highlighter for those who really love a glow as it's fairly subtle, noticeable, but nothing special and I'd prefer it if the shimmer were more fine.

Main problem: Where's the glow, man?
This swatched so beautifully and I was very excited to try it because I love a natural, more subtle glow. But this does nothing on the skin. I used it with every face brush and some thick, dense eye brushes, but it just doesn't show up. I tried it as a glowy setting powder, but it's again disappointing. So much potential, but it fails for me. Based on reviews I think other shades are ok.

Main problem: My face is not a chalkboard.
I'm not a fan of powders in general, but this was an especially strange one. It's too loose for a pressed powder and it's chalky, so it ends up a bit white on the face. It should more silky.

Main problem: Can you just not use matte in the name if it's not matte? Signed: Everyone
These aren't bad at all, but to a matte finish lover like me they are disappointing. You don't get an M of matte finish, instead you get a comfortable liquid lipstick with a creamy shine that never sets and it transfers. All shades have a mousse formula which isn't as pigmented as their Lacquers, so two layers are needed. 

Main problem: One stroke done and bam - it's dry.
Though this is completely useful, it lasts well on the lids and I love the shape of the applicator, it's the application that's just such a hassle. Even when I'm at the first eye, it simply dries up and then I need to revive it on the back of my hand, so I can draw the entire line. But here't the rub: I never heard anyone having this problem, so either mine is defective or I'm defective. After two months of everyday use, waiting for it to start working normally, I gave up and bought eyeliners from other brands.

Main problem: So many problems. So many
This is just basically useless. The pigmentation is very weak and it just doesn't work at colour correction. The formula is also greasy it doesn't stick well to once place, so all you do is shift the product when you're applying it.

Main problem: Prime? Nope. Fix? Na-ah. Shine? Check - Level: brighter than my future.
I wouldn't call this a bad product, just not well named and not really for me. It's not a prime or fix spray as it does neither of these things, but it adds a ton of radiance to the skin. So much in fact, only those with dry skin will love it, or those who are looking for that extra dewy finish, but it can already look oily.


Main problem: The dirt stays in the pores.
It's too weak and doesn't pull much from the pores. It's an interesting product and fun to use, but Biore strips are a lot more effective.

Main problem: Just about everything people hate about sunscreens.
I really wanted to love this, but after three weeks of using this every day, I just don't want it on my face anymore. It's so annoyingly greasy and I can feel it on my face. I even started to use a mattifying powder because it's so damn shiny and I almost never use powder. I ordered Biore, but how knows when that'll arrive. On a plus side, it doesn't irritate my eyes like Sun Dance's does, there is no white cast at all and it really protects well from the sun because despite spending hours in the sun, I didn't get burned, neither tan.

Main problem: "Entfernen von wasserfestem Make-up" - hahaha, sure.
Although these redeemed themselves since I bought them, they still don't do anything they promise. They barely remove regular makeup - well they don't remove mascara and definitely don't do anything about waterproof makeup. I bought them to remove swatches, but you need to do so much rubbing.

Main problem: A drying sheet mask - now I've seen it all.
I never had a sheet mask that would make my skin scream for a moisturiser, but that's exactly what happened with this one. I bought it because I heard it diminishes the look of fine lines, but this didn't do much apart from having a very temporary brightening effect. The sheet felt comfortable, but that's about it.


Main problem: A can of fragranced air.
 I got this because I like the classic Nivea scent, but even though I know I shouldn't expect much from a deodorant (I mistakenly thought it's an anti-perspirant when I bought it), it just doesn't work for me. It doesn't manage to keep me fresh long and yes, of course I know it won't stop sweating, but I mean in a sense than it doesn't keep me smelling fresh for long. Their Pearl & Beauty wins for me, but this is very disappointing.

Main problem: Notes include fake mandarin, mango and plastic
Of course I knew this is just a body mist with poor staying power, but still it's just so blah. The scent is not that nice and I got it because I heard it smells like TBS Satsuma, but it's very far away from that. There is mandarin, but it's not as bright juicy and zesty, instead it's artificial. The mango bit is noticeable only in the first burst, then it's drowned it a bucket of a fake mandarin juice. Staying power isn't even worth mentioning. I use this as a room spray.


L'OREAL Elvive Phytoclear Anti-Dandruff 1 Minute Exfoliating Scrub
Main problem: No one needs this much trouble in their life. No one.
This is the worst product on this list, by far. I could have just burned the money for this, there'd be no difference. Not only that it didn't remove the build-up on the scalp, it actually stuck to it and only added a layer of nastiness. The beads don't even wash off despite the double wash with an anti-dandruff shampoo and felt them every time I ran my fingers though my hair. I just don't recommend this to anyone. 

Main problem: Oil? What oil?
This one doesn't do anything bad, but it also doesn't do much. Despite being a dual-phase product with oil on top, it feels like the most basic water-based leave-in conditioner. Not at all what I hoped for and what I read from ingredients. This just goes to show just how much the percentages of ingredients are important. I think it works better on damp hair before drying, but it's nothing special. I think it's so light, maybe even those with hair that gets greasy fast could use it instead of a proper conditioner just on the ends, but my hair needs buckets of oil.

What product disappointed you recently? Have a great day!
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Review: Kiko Smart Fusion Lip Pencil (513 Red Papaya, 524 Peony Violet)

Kiko is one of my favorite makeup brands. Their products are affordable and usually of great quality. I just wish we had it in our country. Whenever I got to Graz, I tend to stop by Kiko and pick some new products. This time Limited Editions didn't impress me, but I did saw colorful lip pencils and decided on two colorful shades.

Smart Fusion Lip Pencils come in matte black pencil form with a black plastic top. I really like the fact that the top is rectangular, which prevents the pencil from rolling down the desk. It sits better this way. It's also easier to take photos of. If you're a blogger, you know what I mean.

In each is 0.9 grams of product and the price is 2.50€ for each. It's not as affordable as for example Essence lip liners, but the price is still good.

I chose two very bright shades, because I usually just have a lot of red and nude lip liners. Sometimes you also need something colorful to use with lipsticks that have unique colors. It's also the cheapest way of trying out bold colors, because lip liners cost a lot less than a whole lipstick. 

Formula of these is actually really smooth. They glide on the lips with such ease. That being said they are not buttery feeling nor moisturizing. Finish is completely matte, but they are just so easy to apply. Usually matte lip colors tug on the lips or can look heavy. Not these.

The pigmentation is good. You will need to go over a few times to get it opaque as a lipsticks, if you want to wear them on their own. 

I usually wear them on their own, because they are enough pigmented and I love the shades as they are. I need to reapply it in the center after about 2 to 3 hours, which isn't really long lasting. But I prefer that, because it means that they don't dry out my lips and don't look heavy.

They feel just slightly sticky at first, but lightweight and they wear quite comfortably. These will emphasize dry patches like most matte lip products. 

513 Red Papaya

This is by far my favorite medium orange red shade that I own so far. It looks more muted on the photos, but in real life this almost looks a bit neon. It's a really vibrant shade. It lifts up the complexion immediately and makes for a perfect summer lip.

524 Peony Violet

It's one of those light pops of colors. Light cool toned bright fuchsia that has a bit of blue undertone. It's also a unique shade in my collection and it's the perfect pop of color for the spring. I love these kind of shades, even though I don't wear them as much. 

Here is also a comparison with some of the other shades. MAC in Lady Danger is a more red shade and also darker. CBI Colorbox in 06 Lip Stick (from Born Pretty Store) is very similar in shade. It's just slightly darker, less vibrant and has a shiny finish. 

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte lipsticks in Ideal Lilac is a more pink toned fuchsia. It's as light as Kiko's lip pencil, but doesn't have that obvious blue violet undertone. 

I am head over hills over these shades. That's why I can forgive the fact that they are not ultra long lasting. The formula is so smooth to apply, pigmentation is good and it has lovely matte finish that isn't drying. If you're on a look out for bright lip shades, look no further. Kiko has a whooping selection of 36 shades. You'll also find nudes among the selection, as well as bright ones as these. 
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Lancôme Beauty: Matte Shaker – Pink Power

Živjo punce.
Po lanskem "boomu" Juicy Shakerjev z izvirno embalažo v obliki shakerja za koktejle, letos Lancôme predstavlja nov izdelek: Matte Shaker tekoče rdečilo z novo izvirno in inovativno formulo. V Sloveniji je na voljo 7 odtenkov med katerimi najdete kar nekaj barvitih, drznih ter živih barv, ne manjka pa tudi kakšen naraven, vsakdanji odtenek.

Hi girls.
I'm sure you've heard of Juicy Shaker lip products from Lancôme, though this year around they came up with new lippies, called: Matte Shaker. Similar packaging but totally new and inovative texture. There are 7 shades available in Slovenia and the range goes from bright, fun color to even everyday natural kind of shades.

"Edinstvena formula za optimalno nanašanje Matte Shaker temelji na inovativni tehnologiji Ultra Thin Film (UTF), s katero je mogoče doseči izjemno tanko plast, kot navdih za njeno razvijanje pa je služila tekstura podlage. Tako je to tekoče rdečilo dobilo dvakrat tanjšo plast in dvakrat večjo intenzivnost v primerjavi s klasičnimi rdečili za ustnice. Njegova inverzna emulzija vsebuje velik delež hlapnih sestavin, kot je voda, ki hlapijo neposredno pri nanašanju izdelka in pustijo samo tisto, kar je potrebno: pigmente in polimere."

"Finally, a matte liquid lipstick that wears comfortably without drying out your lips! A water-in-oil emulsion that's formulated with a patented Ultra Thin Film technology to deliver weightless texture and a second-skin feel without sacrificing intense color payoff. And it has Vitamin E for comfortable, non-drying wear. Its unique cushion sponge allows for maximum absorption of the formula to deliver a precise, soft application onto the lips, and buildable color that dries without smudging or transfer. Just shake to soak the applicator with formula, apply the cushion directly onto lips to build the saturated color... then wait for it to dry down to a lightweight, comfort matte finish. Available in 7 vibrant hues- wear one on its own or mix and match for even more shade options!"

Kot prejšnji Shaker-ji, je tudi ta v luštni obliki koktejl shakerja z gobico, katera vpije izdelek ob pretresanju embalaže. Pri nanašanju na spodnjo ustnico mi gobica dela malce težav saj ne vidim točno linije kamor rišem. Pri nanosu na zgornjo ustnico pa mi zagotovi, da lepo narišem linijo in črko V, na vrhu ustnic, ki je pri meni še bolj izrazita.

Sicer izdelek nima tako zabavnega vonja kot Juicy Shaker, vendar ima svojo edinstvenost. Šminka je zelo pigmentirana in potreben je samo en tanek sloj, da enotno prekrije celotne ustnice. Pri čemer običajno ne potrebujem drugega "namakanja". Kot pravi Lancôme, je tekstura ekstra lahka ter pusti svilnat, udoben občutek na ustnicah. Po nekje 2 minutah se posuši v mat izgled, med tem pa imam še nekaj časa, da popravim na nanos, če je potrebno. Hkrati pa morem pazit, saj je šminko malo težje odstranit če jo pomotoma nanesem preko ustnic. Izdelek ne pusti pusti občutka "zategnjenosti" ter komaj po dveh urah začutim nekaj suhosti na ustnicah. Kljub temu je šminka zelo nosljiva in lahko zdržim tudi do 5 ur brez balzama za ustnice. Tudi ob pitju pa je šminka zelo obstojna.
Odtenek Pink Power ne poudari linij na ustnicah - te so malce bolj opazne po nekaj urah, ko hkrati tudi premikam ustnice. Gre pa za živahno roza odtenek ter je na sončni svetlobi celo malo neon.

Odstranjevanje tega odtenka je malce težavneje, saj gre za res močno barvo in za seboj pusti rahel rozkast ton. Za odstranjevanje uporabim micelarno vodo ali odstranjevalec z oljem, nato pa po čiščenju namažem balzam za ustnice, ki kasneje tudi raztopi še zadnje delce. Kot vedno pod šminko priporočam nanos balzama za ustnice, da se sama šminka ne vsede v gubice oz. samo kožo ter jo je kasneje lažje odstranit.

Šminka me je res presenetila s svojo pigmentiranostjo in obstojnostjo. Gre za res kvaliteten izdelek za ustnice. Lahko ga uporabiš kot klasično tekočo šminko ali pa na sredino ustnic dodaš pikico in jo zabrišeš za rahlo obarvanost. Hkrati pa gre za zabavno embalažo.

Cena: okoli 24 €

As previous Shaker products, this one also has a fun cocktail shaker packaging, however this time in a black version. Before use you have to shake it and then simply apply it with the cushion sponge on the lips. The sponge absorbs a lot of pigment. I have a bit of trouble applying it on the lower lip as I can't see the application perfectly, however on the top lip it's easier and I can form a "V".

There is not much scent to it but I don't mind that. The lipstick itself is highly pigmented and you only need a thin layer to cover the lips evenly. The formula is lightweight and feels very comfortable on the lips. After around 90 seconds it dries up, so I still have some time to apply and fix application if needed. Though with this shade it's difficult to fix the mistakes if I apply it over the lips. It doesn't make my lips feel tight or anything. Also they feel a bit drier only after 2 hours or so. Besides that it's easily wearable and I need a lip balm only after 5 hours. Plus it doesn't transfer when drinking, only when eating greasy food, so I find it very longlasting.
The shade Pink Power is neon pink and is quite a statement. It doesn't emphasize the lines of the lips right away - they're more obvious only after a few hours of talking and so.

When it comes to removing the lipstick, it can take some time. So again before applying it, I recommend a lip balm, which would later help lipstick not to stick to the lips as hard. I use micellar water or oil based makeup remover but still sometimes it would stain my lips.

All in all, I was pleasantly suprised by the quality of the lipstick: high pigmentation and longevity. It's great and besided using is as a lipstick, you wear it as a stain: simply dab some pigment onto the center of the lips and then blend it around. Plus the packaging is really fun.

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Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation – 51 Light Vanilla (New Formula)

I've been using Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation for years now. It's my go to winter foundation as I tend to get drier in colder months and need something with a more dewy finish that doesn't catch on dry patches. But I've never actually wrote a review of it. So now that Bourjois changed up the formula, I decided it's time to write my thoughts on it. I also compared it to the old version to see if there is any difference between the old and new formula. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation comes in a transparent glass bottle. It has red transparent plastic top and pump

In it is 30 ml of foundation and I paid 15.49€ for it. Apparently Bourjois has been raising their prices constantly through the years. So the price might already be higher. Really shady of them. If they think we won't notice, they're obviously wrong. Don't underestimate your costumers. 

The pump works fine and you can sort of control the amount that you want by pushing the pump slowly and just getting as much as you'll need out of it.

Old bottle was rounded and looked like cylinder. It also had transparent top. The pump stayed the same. I like new design better, because it's easier to store and looks a bit cleaner with new typography. 

I had old version in the shade 51 Light Vanilla and I bought new formula in the same shade. It's actually the lightest shade that we have in our drugstores. Apparently there's also one shade lighter - 50, but I hear it's more pink toned. 

I expected the shade of new formula to be the same as with the old, but it's not. It's actually slightly darker. Barely noticeable, but still, it counts. Especially, if the shade is too dark for you as it is. You can see it being a shade or half darker and it looks more orange toned. It's a warm toned shade that has an obvious yellow undertone. It's actually the most yellow toned foundation in my collection. 

Here is comparison with other shades of foundations in my collection. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 21 Light Beige is the most grey looking, but it blends into the skin differently and looks like a good match. Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 150 Buff is also warm toned and similar to old Bourjois version, but is less yellow based. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in 010 Light Beige is the darkest of these all and also warm toned. 

New formula is liquid and smooth. It applies nicely and feels very buttery. The coverage is light to medium. If you apply it lightly it's a light coverage, but you can build it up to a somewhat medium coverage by applying more coats. It evens out skin tone, but doesn't cover imperfections. 

The finish of it is dewy on my combination skin. It's definitely not for those with oily skin. It starts to look greasy on my T zone after three hours. I prefer to use it in the winter when my skin is drier in general. This would be great for those that have normal to dry skin or combination. 

It's not a long lasting foundation. As I said before, my T zone gets very oily and it disappears from those center parts quickly. I usually apply a heavier coat, which makes it slightly more long lasting. I also have to powder it and I use powder on top of every foundation that I use anyway. 

On the skin it looks lovely. It doesn't sit into pores or fine lines. I liked older version, because it never emphasized dry patches and this one seems the same. It's definitely one of the most natural looking foundations that I own. It doesn't have that powdery heavy finish and it actually looks like it's a part of the skin not just sitting on top of it.

It has a fruity sweet scent

Here you can also see how I look like with no foundation (left photo) and with a light layer of new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (right photo).

Comparison :  OLD VS. NEW FORMULA

I also decided to test old and new formula side by side. So I applied one formula on one side and the other on the other side of my face. I've noticed that new formula has a lot lighter coverage. With it I only evened out my skin tone, it didn't even cover small veins or any redness. The older version has better coverage more light to medium, while new has light coverage. Both versions are buildable and don't look cakey, if you apply more coats. 

They both have a very shiny finish, but the new one looks more dewy, while old one looks more like it has a sheen. 

Both look very natural on the skin and don't emphasize pores or fine lines. 

I already spoke about the difference in shades. New formula is slightly darker and has more of an orange tint to it, while older version looked more yellow toned and slightly lighter. 

They both wear the same with the only difference that my side with new formula became greasier quicker, which means it's also a bit less long lasting. 

The thing that bothers me is that old version had ingredients list on the bottle and the new one doesn't. Hm..I wonder why this change. In general, I prefer the old version. Even thought at first glance they both seem the same, you see the difference while you test them side by side. 

Old version had better coverage (which is one of the most important advantages in my opinion), it wasn't as dewy looking as the new one and it was slightly lighter. I usually mix it with other foundations, because it's too dark for me in colder months and now the new one is even darker. 

I can't say I'm a fan yet. I despise orange undertones like L'Oreal foundations usually have and I don't like dewy finish, because it means it's not as long lasting. It's great for winter when I need that extra moisture and shine, but for warmer months I usually just use it in combinations with other foundations to make them more yellow toned. It's the perfect foundation for those that want natural looking, lighter coverage and dewy finish foundation. So perfect for dry skin tones. That is if you find the right shade for you. 
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Clio Waterproof Brush Eyeliner Kill Black

I wear liquid eyeliner daily, but none has actually impressed me so much that it would be my absolute favourite which I wouldn't swap for another, so I keep trying new ones. This one came highly recommended by my two favourite bloggers, Petra and Nadja, so I my expectations were high and I really hoped this will be my favourite eyeliner ever. However, the first use really let me down and I used it on completely bare skin, so it really surprised me when in the middle of the process, it just dried up. I'm not saying it's a bad liner, but let's just say we had issues.

The applicator is the perfect shape and material for my needs. It's capable of being very precise and it's easy to use, so this is my perfect applicator. However, I can't utilise it fully because of the formula. While it's very black and pigmented, the whole thing just dries out as soon as I start with more precise work or I start on a flick and all I get is some dried up smudges. I then need to revive the eyeliner by drawing on the back of my hand to get enough of the product back on the applicator and then it works perfectly again. As you can see I managed to create a really nice flick with it, so it's doable, it just takes more time. When it was new, it got dry after every few strokes, then it got a bit better with frequent use, but it's still impossible to draw both the line and flick in one go. To save myself the trouble I started just lining my lash line with no flick. I had a similar experience with ArtDeco eyeliner which after months suddenly started working normally, so I hoped the same would happen with this one. I used Clio's every day for two months waiting for it to have a similar epiphany, but I gave up then because it just so much hassle reviving it so often and got a Maybelline one instead.

It lasts well, pretty much all day on my normal eyelids. So far I haven't experienced any transfer in my crease, but it's not completely waterproof because tears remove it, at least in the inner corners.

I bought mine on eBay for $10.06. You also get a cleansing oil with it, which works fine, but it's nothing special. 

I still prefer L'Oreal's Superstar despite the bigger applicator which makes it less appropriate for more thin lines, but I really just expected more from Clio one. I don't know why it just dries out, whether the problem is my skin (maybe I'm the ultimate eyeliner destroyer. Artdeco eyeliner still puzzles me) or is it that it just dries in contact with air. It's not a bad liner and I used it daily, I just need to revive if a few times during application and I hoped for something less fickle to use. Based on reviews I read, I'm the only one who had such an issue, so it's very likely that either I'm the problem or I got a strange one and you can see on the upper picture how well it can perform, so don't be afraid to give it a try. Clio also has a felt tip version and maybe that one would work better for me.

Have a great day!
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