Four Ways With Highlighter

Now that we're well into spring, I'm opting for full on dewy skin - whether it's adding a little radiance to my base, or dusting on an illuminating powder over the high points. I have a few, fail-safe products and textures that assist my quest for glowing skin. Here's four different ways that I like to add radiance and light to my complexion!
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Review: Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil (020 Caramel Blonde To Go, 030 Addicted To Cafe Au Lait)

One of the Catrice novelties that got my attention when I saw it in the store, were their Lip Foundation Pencils. I adore Essence lip pencil formulas, but Catrice's were usually a bit drier and they didn't have as many nudes. Now they came out with a range dedicated only to nude lip colors. 

It comes in a pencil form with black design. The bottom and cap should indicate the shade inside, although I would urge you to test them in the store, if they offer testers. 

In each is 1.3 grams of product and it costs 2.59€.

My problem with lip pencils is that they usually have names written on the pen and once you sharp it a few times, the name is gone. These have names on the caps, just don't mismatch them, if you have more then one. 

It's a regular pen that you have to sharp and it fits into most regular sharpeners.

Catrice offers 4 nude shades. The lightest one 010 Can't You Hear That Super Base? was a bit too pink for my liking. I like nudes to be more warm toned and less pink. I also didn't get the darkest shade called 040 Take You To The Chocolate Shop as it looked too dark for my natural lip color. In general these are all very much suited for light to medium skin tones. If you're darker, these will look too pale on you.

I got two shades that seemed the most similar to my natural lip color, although I have very pale lips anyway. The shade 020 Caramel Blonde To Go is a more pink toned nude with warm undertone. 030 Addicted To Cafe Au Lait is more peach toned nude and it also has warm undertone

I compared it to some of my other similar lip liner shades. Golden Rose Dream Lips Lipliner in 501 is the peachiest nude of these all and it's somewhat brighter than others. Essence Lipliner in 11 In The Nude (old formula) has similar warm nude tone, but it's a bit more brownish and slightly darker. 

The formula reminds me of the old Essence Lipliner formula. New one is a bit harder to the touch, while older version was creamier. Essence Longlasting Lipliners are even creamier than this one from Catrice and could easily be categorized under lipsticks. I find that it's the most similar to my Golden Rose Dream Lips Lipliner formula, which I adore. It has the perfect combination of good pigmentation, creamy waxy texture and it's not greasy. 

Finish doesn't have any shine. It's what they describe velvet matte and I agree. It's smooth to apply, but gives you wanted precision and it wears comfortably. I don't feel like it dries out my lips, but it's a matte formula, so it won't nourish the lips either. It will accentuate any dry patches that you may have.

On me these last really well, like normal bullet version of matte lipsticks. 

You can also see how both shades look on me. The difference between these is minimal, but you can still notice one being more pink and one being more peachy nude.

I am a true lover of nude lipsticks and even more so of nude lip pencils. With a nude lip pencil I can define my lips and even cheat a bit with making them slightly larger on certain parts. It gives you the lasting power of a matte lipstick, but doesn't dry out your lips. Formula is creamy enough, but also precise enough for detailed application. Both nude shades are perfect my-lips-but-better shades. I am really impressed with these and for the price, you should really try at least one shade, if you like nude lip pencils.
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Empties #25 including K-Beauty skin care samples

I often say that this a foundation that I can rely on. It's one of rare ones that looks very natural on the skin (coverage is light-medium), it doesn't look weird over pores, doesn't feel heavy and it works no matter in what weird mood my skin is. The shade is a bit too dark and yellow for me, that's it's only minus, but it has so many other pluses that I always keep a bottle in my collection. 
Repurchase: Already done.

This was pretty decent. It wasn't as luxurious feeling as Emma Hardie's or as good as Balance Me, but my skin enjoyed and played nice while I was using it. The ingredients are lovely, but it's thicker than other balms, it's also more waxy and it doesn't melt as nice under the fingers, but it cleans the skin well enough, though surprisingly for a balm that "removes makeup like no other" (their words), removing mascara isn't its forte. The scent is very blah, like wax or cheap crayons, which might appeal to those who dislike heavily scented skin care.
Repurchase: Only if I find it cheaper than my favourites.

This is a good cleansing oil, but I find that from L'Occitane Immortelle's version works better with my skin. It removes makeup well, leaves my skin nourished, but with no residue. The scent of this one was better than the hay scent of Immortelle. It can only be open for three months before it expires.
Repurchase: No.

If you asked me a couple of months ago if I'd repurchase this, I'd scream yes, but now I'm just not sure it's as impressive as I thought. I think my standards were very low because stuff we have here is very basic. It's a great hydrating mask, there's no doubt about and it fixes dehydrated skin completely overnight, including heals dry patches. But that's all it does, it's hydrating and it never made my skin look great like some other products I've tried recently. It's a skin care equivalent of a duct tape - it's a good temporary and quick fix. But it's cheap, easily accessible and it works, so I recommend you try it if you have dry patches and dehydrated skin.
Repurchase: I'm still thinking about it.

This is just a very simple argan oil in a pretty bottle which holds only 30 ml and is very overpriced. You can easily get it cheaper, though this one doesn't have that strong argan scent which some dislike. I used it for everything - face, hair, body, hands, it's a normal oil that can be used for fixing dryness. It's good, but alarmingly overpriced for what it is - an oil you can get at the food section in supermarkets.
Repurchase: No.

EBELIN Nagellack Entferner 
Loved the packaging of this (it has one of those handy pumps), but this was drying to my nails. Also it's not particularly strong. 
Repurchase: Since it's one of the cheapest, I probably will, but it's lame.

DOVE Purely Pampering Nourishing Shower gel
Coconut Milk
My favourite shower gel. It's so creamy, non-drying and it smells amazing.
Repurchase: Already done.

BALEA Regenbogen Dusche
Just a classic Balea shower gel that is as basic as it can get, even when it comes to the vanilla scent. But the packaging is so adorable, I couldn't resist. Balea created an ironic version called Bye Bye Unicorn featuring two dinosaurs and I hear it has the same scent. By the way I still saw a few bottles of unicorn version in my local DM.
Repurchase: No.

YUMMY Wild Things Shower Gels
Sexy Boost
Another basic shower gel, but the scent of this one is very masculine to me, so I didn't use it up myself. The scent is earthy-spicy, I mostly smell cardamom. 
Repurchase: No.

This is one of the very rare dandruff products that actually does something and I just discovered it was discontinued which broke my heart. It at least temporary removed all the dandruff build-up on my scalp and let it breathe a bit. It's basically a scalp scrub, neither gentle or too harsh, and it does its job. 
Repurchase: Yes, but it's discontinued. I ordered their Sugar Shine scrub as a possible replacement.

One of my favourite hair masks and another product I discovered that has been discontinued, leaving me with a broken heart for the second time. But all is not lost because Absolut Repair Lipidum works the same, it only doesn't smell as nice. These two are the cheapest salon brand masks I've found that work like more expensive products and manage to handle my very dry hair (though I still need to add a lot of additional hair care products, but they provides a good base). The replacement Nutrifer is silicone free and I never got along with such products, so I'm not sure I'll be trying it.
Repurchase: I definitely would, but it's been discontinued. I ordered Absolut Repair instead.

For a drugstore hair mask, this is a nice one and I bought a few in a row so far. It's lighter in texture than what I'm used to when it comes to hair mask, but it's nourishing enough when my hair isn't very dry (mostly in summer months). But when my hair is very dry, this isn't enough and I have to use salon brands.
Repurchase: Yes.

Petra got this for me - she says it's her favourite drugstore conditioner and I think it's really good too. It's the conditioner you get with Olia hair colours, but apparently these are sold individually too (I still haven't seen these myself in Müller, but they are on Boots international) and it's basically designed to help the hair recover after colouring as well as give it more shine. It was nourishing enough for my hair and my hair felt nice after use, however, it was still a drugstore quality product and it didn't do quite as much as salon treatments. 
Repurchase: Yes.

(for reference my skin is combination dry with normal a T-zone and dry cheeks. Spots are rare, but I have blackheads)
Best, purchase-worthy and intriguing:
COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence - I love this. It's a like a thicker toner with no particular scent. I decided to approach testing by doing a half-half, meaning on one half of the face I used this and on the other the COSRX Snail Mucin, so I could see the result more clearly. After a week on the Galactomyces side the pores appeared much smaller, the skin was smoother and just in general looked much better. Foundations applied like a dream on that side, which actually made me reconsider some foundations I previously disliked. I'll try the Secret Key Essence next to see if I like it even more, but if I don't, this will be one of my next purchases.
Purchase: Yes. Full price: $16

INNISFREE Daily UV Protection Cream Mild  SPF35 PA++ - I immediately loved this. I hate most sunscreens, but this doesn't feel like one at all. It has 100% mineral filters and it's a light lotion that takes little time to absorb, leaves only a bit of tackiness on the skin that is not at all annoying, it doesn't leave a white cast, it can be layered easily and it didn't irritate my eyes like Sun Dance's does. It smells nice, somewhat sweet floral - familiar, but I can't place it. SPF 35 seems fine to me considering I rarely spend long in the sun. It was a nice base for makeup, it left a satin type of finish and it wore nice though the day. For my dry skin on its own it felt like I need an additional moisturiser under it, but for the summer it'll be perfect. Ingredients.
Purchase: Yes, but I'd like to try some more sunscreens. Full price: $9

TONYMOLY Prestige Jeju Snail Cream - I really loved this sample. The texture was lovely, it's a medium thick cream that sinks in a few minutes, though there is a slight layer of the moisturiser left for a while. It felt nourishing and it has a very gentle, pleasant scent. In the morning my smile lines looked reduced and you know how you usually wake up with creases from the pillow? Well with this my skin looked a lot fresher. It's very expensive and I'd love to have a few more samples to see if it impresses me long term (I stretched mine to three uses), but I'm very tempted by it. 
Purchase: Yes, but I'm getting more sample first, a pack of 20 is about 4-5 € on eBay. Full price: $48.73 

LIOELE Rizette Magic Whitening Cream - A moisturiser with vitamin C that promises to brighten the skin. It's a medium thick cream that needed some extra time to sink in and has no particular scent. I noticed my skin being brighter and more even, so I liked it, but it's expensive. 
Purchase: Maybe, again I'd like more samples first. Full price: $29.73

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream - I liked this at first try. The colour looks scarily too dark for me, but because it's got a neutral/grey undertone, I felt like it blends in well (I might be imagining it). It looks beautiful on the skin - natural, doesn't emphasise pores and it covers about a medium. I wish the shade were lighter, but I really like this.
Purchase: It's too dark, but I love the texture. Full price: $20.50

COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid- Very similar texture than the their famous Blackhead liquid which I own a full size. I used it when I got a big spot on my chin, and it diminished it, basically helped it not become the infected monster it usually does, so I like it.
Purchase: If my skin goes haywire, this will be first on the list. Full price: $13.50

TONYMOLY Panda's Dream White Magic Cream - I love how this one makes my skin look, it just looks better. It's a light moisturiser with a strong, but nice powdery scent and a type of finish that is like a sunscreen's white cast, so it actually gives that very temporary whitening effect, but it disappears quickly, however, the skin looks more even. 
Purchase: Yes, but I bought the sleeping pack first, if it ever arrives (first parcel got lost, as it appears all parcels from RoseRoseShop do). Full price: $11.24 

Nice, but I'm not completely convinced
COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence - As I said I tested this along with Galactomyces on the other side of the face and I just don't get the hype. So many people swear by this, but I see no visible results. It's a milky type of lotion product with a kind of a strange texture that is a like a viscose liquid, but I didn't find it gross or anything. It also has no particular scent. It leaves a very smooth feeling on the skin, almost like a light silicone primer. After a week I noticed no major differences then when I started using it. My pores looked equally horrible, my skin wasn't smoother and my smile line looked the same (it was slightly smaller looking on Galactomyces side), in terms of hydration which this should help most, I didn't see a difference between the other side. However, my neck got sunburned one day (I'm too cheap to use sunscreen on the neck too, bloody idiot) and I applied a generous coat of this since it has repairing abilities and by morning it was gone.
Purchase: Probably not, but I have plenty of samples to give it more chances. Full price: $15.20 

COSRX Advanced Snail All in one Cream -  This is like a thicker version of the muncin, so a moisturiser with a similar texture that leaves a smooth, primer-like finish. It has no particular scent. I tested this alongside with the Honey Overnight mask, again each on one side of the face. During testing a few spots appeared and though I at first suspected they were hormonal, they most likely weren't, so it's possible this breaks me out a bit. In terms of positive effects, I saw no major differences apart from my skin being more hydrated, but I can get that with a normal moisturiser.
Purchase: Probably not, but I have plenty of samples to give it more chances. Full price: $ 16.80

COSRCX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask Nourishing Overnight Spa Mask - This was nothing like I imagined, though I was aware it doesn't have a honey scent, I expected a thick, white cream and this is a gel type of product. I expected this to be very moisturising, but my skin almost wanted more. It's more like a regular moisturiser to me and I could easily even use it under makeup. In terms of effects, I didn't notice anything important.
Purchase: Probably not, but I have plenty of samples to give it more chances. Full price: $ 12.80

BANILA CO. Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Cream - the smells of this is incredible. If you ever had any the original honey products by L'Occitane from almost 10 years ago (or that short lived shower jelly from mommy and baby LE two years ago) this is exactly the same -  a proper, "dunking your nose into a jar of honey" scent. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long on the skin. The texture is thick, almost more like a balm, which my dry skin really enjoyed. It took some time for my skin to absorb all of it, in fact a filter of produt remained for hours which I didn't mind, since my skin needed that. It healed a dry patch and my skin was less dry after those three uses I could squeeze out of a sample. I primarily like it for the scent because in those three day I didn't feel my skin was as good as with other products I've tried.
Purchase: I ordered the essence oil from this line, if it ever arrives (again RoseRoseShop appears to be terribly unreliable, as three parcels from them didn't arrive). Full price: 37$ (for 70 ml)

SULWHASOO Snowise EX Cleansing Foam - I've tried several Korean cleansing foams and none I liked, but this one is already more acceptable. The texture is so gorgeously creamy, it washes off completely just with water and it didn't irritate my eyes horribly, like all the rest I tried. However, while my skin felt more comfortable than with others, after a few minutes my skin started to feel tight, like using regular soap, so I needed to moisturise quickly. 
Purchase: Maybe. I like it has a low pH and the texture is great, but I don't like the tight feeling. Full price: $38 

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser - I don't know what I expected from this, it has so many good reviews, but it was a regular gel cleanser. It foamed very well, better than others do, however, like at all gel cleanser I started feeling tightness in about two minutes and that's when flakes start forming on me, which is the reason I switched to oils and balms. 
Purchase: Probably not. Full price, $8.80 

IT'S SKIN Power 10 Formula WR Effector - These come in many versions, I got a sample of the anti-wrinkle one. It's a light gel like consistency that absorbs very fast. Based on three uses that I stretched the sample too, I can't say I saw any significant improvement on my skin.
Purchase: No. Full price: $9.43

SU:M 37 Water-Full Deep Effect Ampoule - For the price tag this has, I didn't find it anything special. It was just a very light serum. I'd probably need more samples to really test it, but so far it didn't convince me.
Purchase: No. Full price: $122.50

Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream SPF50+ PA+++ - I read reviews about this before opening the sample and they were overwhelmingly positive, but when I tried applying this the first time with fingers, it felt strange, too heavy and obvious. However, when I used up the rest of the sample with my big oval brush I got a flawless result, a nice healthy glowy finish, medium coverage and it looked great over pores. Big minus for me is the shade, which is way too dark for me (maybe NC 30-35 with a warm undertone) and during the day it worsens the look of my smile lines.
Purchase: It's too dark, so no. Full price:  $17.83

Lioele Intensive Time Reversing Snail Cream - I was hoping this will be similar to TonyMoly's Prestige Jeju Snail cream, but it's much lighter, almost like a lotion and it didn't have such an impressive effect. 
Purchase: No. Full price: $30.38

INNISFREE Green Tea Cleansing Foam - I love the texture of this, but sweet mother does it hurt if it gets into the eyes. Serious this is the most painful product ever. It's a not a foam, but a cream that doesn't foam with water and it washes off completely unlike most such products I tried. It smells nice, inoffensive. 
Purchase: No. Full price: $8.68

INNISFREE Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam - A very similar texture to the green Tea one, but luckily this one didn't hurt so much. However, despite being a cream, it felt drying, like gels normally do on my skin.
Purchase: No. Full price: $8.59

SKINFOOD Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam - Exactly the same as Innisfree foams, so an absolutely lovely creamy texture, but leaves the skin squeaky clean, on me meaning dry and it hurts like a bitch when it gets into the eyes. The scent is lovely, just powdery clean.
Purchase: No. Full price: $8.68

THE FACE SHOP Dr. Belmeur Foam Cleaner - I swear every Korean foam cleanser I tried is the same - gorgeous creamy texture, but drying to my skin and irritating to the eyes.
Purchase: No. Full price: $11.19

Have a great day!
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The Must-Have Colors from Suva Beauty Hydra Cream Bases

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.* Suva Beauty has one of the best eyeshadow bases. After the initial purchase of the Caramel Hydra Base, I knew I had to get some more colors. I didn't buy any of the wild colors...

[[Check out the full post on The Unknown Beauty Blog at]]
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Color Correcting With Essence and Catrice Products

Color correcting has had a comeback and I too was convinced to try some color correcting products by Essence and Catrice. My under eye area has suddenly become darker. I've always had sallowness around my mouth and redness is also a common issue with fair skin tones as mine. Let's see what I think of some of these products that I've been testing.

Let me just clarify what color correcting is. It means that you use the opposite color on the color wheel to correct the color that you have in your skin. For example, if you have red cheeks and you want to neutralize that redness, you would use something green on top of that redness to make it disappear and look like the rest of your skin.

Essence Colour Correcting Liquid Concealer - 30 pastel green

It comes in 3 shades. Green is for neutralizing redness, pink is for visibly brightening tired looking skin and yellow is for concealing dark circles. I got the green one called 30 pastel green, because I wanted something fairly light for my redness around the nose and on the cheeks.

It comes in transparent plastic lip gloss tube with white plastic top. It has doe foot applicator that is quite fluffy and holds enough product to cover smaller areas.

In it is 5 ml of product and it costs 2.79€.

Shade is indeed like a pastel green with milky white base. It's sheer and pretty liquid. This almost looks like a green primer, as it's so sheer and easy to blend. It gives you a wash of sheen over your skin.

It neutralizes red area, but won't cover any bright red pimples. This is perfect for someone that has larger slightly redish areas like I have my cheeks and around the nose. It can even be worn on its own as it's so light that it just evens out the skin tone and makes it more neutral. I also think that this could be fun to use with foundations, if you have more olive skin tone, but don't find enough olive based foundation colors. 

It leaves velvet matte finish on the skin and it stays put quite well, but it's lightweight. 

Essence Colour Correcting Stick - 05 say no to tired skin

Stick versions come in 5 different shades. There's a pink, yellow, orange, green and purple. I chose the purple shade called 05 say no to tired skin

It comes in a plastic purple pen packaging. You don't need to sharpen it, you just swirl the bottom and it comes out. 

In it is 3.2 grams of product and it costs 2.79€.

Shade 05 say no to tired skin is white based pastel purple. It's a waxy creamy formula that can be applied sheerer or more pigmented, depending on how much pressure you put on and if you apply it in one coat or two coats. It blends out to a sheerer shade than what it looks like in the pen, but it's still stronger than liquid concealer version. It's also a bit thicker cream, so it grabs on the skin better and doesn't blend out so sheer.

If you use it heavier, it's better that you apply it under the foundation or concealer as it can leave quite a lot of purple color on the skin. You can also sheer it out and apply it lightly. That way you can wear it on its own and just use it to slightly even out skin tone. This definitely neutralizes my yellow ring around the mouth. The difference is very noticeable. 

It also stays on the skin well, but don't think of it as long lasting foundation. I usually use these products under foundation anyway. Finish is velvet matte.

Catrice Camouflage Cream - Wake Up Effect

I have their regular colored Camouflage Cream concealers and those are great. Well pigmented and they remind me of MAC Studio Finish concealers. Recently they've added 3 shades as a color correcting concealers. You can choose among salmon, yellow or green shade. 

It comes in a black plastic pot with transparent lid. It has a screw on top. In it is 3 grams of product and it costs 3.29€.

Wake Up Effect is a salmon shade. To me this is the perfect mix of pink and peach. It will work perfectly to neutralize blue or green under eye are. The formula is creamy and almost feels a bit greasy, but it's quite well pigmented. As with all the other products, you can also sheer it out, if you like. Compared to Essence stick version, this one is more pigmented and stickier, which means it also sticks better to the skin. The shade is white based and really acts as a brightening shade

I apply the tiniest amount under my eyes and it neutralizes my skin in instant and covers any imperfections as well. It has the best coverage out of all the three products that I mentioned in this post.

The finish is matte with just a bit of sheen. This is very long lasting and you can easily wear it on its own, but it works great under the concealer to just make under eyes brighter and less colorful. 

Here are swatches of all the shades. These are all very light and more appropriate for light skin tones. Purple one is the only one that's a bit darker.

I wanted to show you the difference that it makes if I use these for color correction or no. On the left side of the photo is my skin with all three products and on the right side is my natural skin with a bit of moisturizer. I hope you can see that my under eye is a lot brighter, my cheeks are less red, as it's the skin around the nose and that yellow ring around the mouth is totally neutralized. I think the difference is even more noticeable in person. 

My all time favorite formula and product of these is the Catrice Camouflage Cream in Wake Up Effect. It covers darkness under the eyes so well and it's also really nicely pigmented. It can be used on its own or under concealer. Essence Colour Correcting Stick is for you, if you want a lighter version in a more useful pen packaging. I would still recommend this one to be used under the foundation, as it can leave a bit of obvious coloring. It also means that it neutralizes well. Essence Colour Correcting Liquid Concealer is for lighter imperfections and almost works more as primer or a base product on its own. You'll still get a bit of green color on the skin, but it can be blended out into a really sheer coverage.

It turns out that color correcting comes quite useful when you have certain areas on the face that need something to neutralize different color tones in it. These kind of product work great under foundations as it prevents you from piling on tons and tons of concealer or heavy foundation to cover discoloration. Some can even be worn on their own, as the formula can be sheered out. If you have areas that really bother you, I highly recommend you to try out color correcting technique and this products are a good place to start at. 
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