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MAYBELLINE Fit Me foundation normal/dry skin 
110 Porcelain
I have been trying to get my hands on this foundation for years. The shade was my priority here and I didn't care that much for the formula because I often use foundations that aren't my favourite for mixing with darker shades to make them paler. I finally snatched a bottle on Salma after waiting for so long for it to be available someplace without paying 10$ for shipping from the US. The shade is amazing! It is pretty much my perfect shade, it's neither too pink like Rimmel's 010 and neither too yellow like Nars' Siberia, so I'm exhilarated to have found a foundation that matches me perfectly. Having said that, I'm not really happy about the formula. It's basically Rimmel's Match Perfection in a different bottle and we do not get along. The coverage is ok, I'd say light-medium, but buildable, however my main problem with this is that it never sets. It's constantly tacky on the skin, even after 5 hours and it's incredibly annoying to me because I despise that feeling. It transfers, it moves, it slides into lines and looks oily on the skin, not even powder helps that much against it wiping off easy. I really want to get my hand on the version for oily-combination skin called Matte + Poreless, but it's again probably going to take me years to get it. I wish Milan's Conceal+Perfect came in this shade, it would have been perfect.
By the way this shade is at least two tones lighter than the lightest Fit Me concealer in 15 Fair, which is completely illogical.
Salma, 9.55 €

THEBALM Meet Matt(e) Hughes
Charming and Committed
I wanted these two shades ever since I first saw MMHs and even more since I tried my first shade Adoring. I got Charming first because I thought it's going to be most like my colour, so that classic muted natural rosy shade like Velvet Rosewood, but even though it's very pretty, it's also a lot darker than I imagined (I ordered it online), so it's not really a natural shade on me anymore, especially after it oxidises. I then had the chance to finally swatch these in the shop and I grabbed Committed as well, despite my concerns it'll look too peachy on me. Well, it's perfect. Similar to my natural lip colour, but a hint darker and it's become one of my all-time favourites. It's a difficult colour to describe because it's a nude that's not nude and it's not properly peachy or pink or mauve, it's just like you'd throw all these colours in a blender. The formula is different than that of Adoring, in fact it's closer to that of Milani's Amore, in a sense that it dries matte a lot quicker, the finish is more of a perfect matte and it transfers very, very little, however, it fades nicer than Milani's Gorgeous (I have yet to try lighter shades of Amore). It again has that After Eight scent and it tingles a bit at application, which I actually like. I'd like to get more shades of these because they are so far my favourite matte lipsticks and from the ones I tried I like Loyal and one other shade I forgot the name of, but I think it was Sentimental (it was a berry-pinky shade).
Salma, 16.50 €; Müller, 19.90 €

BALEA Oil Repair Haaroil Spray
I hoped this was a cheaper version of got2b Oilicious spray, which is an aerosol hair oil and it's a great healthy shiny hair faker. It's not. This basically doesn't do anything on my hair and the shine is pretty pathetic. As far as taming the hair goes the effect is minimal as well. The scent is not my favourite either, since it's that very artificial vanilla scent, which is also strong. A miss buy.
DM, 2.99 €

BALEA Beautiful Long Wunder Serum
I was in need of a very simple heat protectant that doesn't feel like anything on the hair, meaning it doesn't weight it down to affect the performance of my curling iron and neither make it wet so I don't have to wait for the hair to dry before I start doing anything to it. This is it. It's lighter than my old favourite Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique, so if you found that one too heavy, maybe this one will be more up your alley. In terms of texture it's similar to the original Balea such oil, as well as Kerastase Elixir Ultime and L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil. It's got a simple salon scent. Really happy with this.
DM, 2.99 €

BALEA Rummelplatz 
Rasiergel Friche Kick Lemon Ice Cream
This is the best quality of Balea's shaving gel they've had in a while. Recent versions are quite thin and I was already considering switching, but this one is back to basics with the properly thick formula. The scent is quite bland though, a weak scent of lemon cakes.
DM, 1.99 €

Deospray Luftig Leicht Peach Ice Tea
I'm not the biggest fan of Balea deodorants, not because they're bad, it's just that they are deodorants and not anti-perspirants, so basically fragrance in a can, but I did buy this one because it said it smells like peach ice tea and anything with peach makes me want to buy it immediately. It's actually quite a good ice tea scent and very close to the scent of Nestea. The scent isn't that strong and like most Balea deodorants it doesn't last long.
DM, 1.19 €

FARMONA Sun Face Cream SPF 50 
I like that Sundance's mattifying one and I recently got another bottle, however, I feel as though they may have messed with the formula or something because now it's shinier and it managed to slide into my eye after about an hour on my face, which was just an awful experience because it's so irritating that my eyes just couldn't stop watering and I had to remove all my makeup with a micellar water to make it stop. The exact same thing happened to my mom with a different SunDance cream a day later. So weird. Again I didn't want to spend much for sunscreen, so I found this one for 1.45 € on Salma. I haven't heard much about Farmona, it's a Polish brand and that's all I know (mine has Turkish text for some reason). This is a typical thick sunscreen, also one with not much silicones, so you need to work fast and it also is prone to leaving white marks. It sets on the skin better than Sundace's, almost to the point of being dry, but it is still slightly shiny. For the price it's very decent, but it has its faults. It protected my skin very well whilst at the seaside and it also smells quite pleasant, sort of floral.
Salma, 1.45 €

L'OREAL Professionnel Série Expert Intense Repair Masque
I got this after being very pleased with the Absolut Repair Lipidum and I wanted to explore the brand further because it's very reasonably priced for a salon brand. This mask has been on my wishlist for ages actually, but I was scared to get it because I thought it can't be that good for this price. I was so wrong because it's just amazing and it's another winner by this brands. It's thinner than Absolut Repair, but works about the same on my hair, actually perhaps even a bit better and when I'm rinsing it off, my hair feels silky (it doesn't at cheap conditioners/masks). It nourishes my currently very dry hair and that's quite an achievement, but at the same time I don't feel it's a particularly heavy mask. This one has a more gentle, classic hair care scent compared to Absolut. This became one of my favourite hair masks ever and I highly recommend it.
Salma, 10.30 €

Travel size 50 ml
I adore this leave-in wholeheartedly, so I got myself a mini that I can carry with me. I've said before that I believe this product is the one that has done most to my hair and it's since I've started using this that my hairdressers (I never go to the same one) started complimenting the quality of my hair. It's a light leave-in conditioner that adds an additional boost of moisture to my hair, it's helps it stay hydrated longer and makes it more manageable, even taming my annoying frizz a bit. I definitely notice when I don't use this in my routine, so I make sure I'm never without a bottle in my stash.
Salma, 3.90 € 

MACADAMIA Professional Weightless Moisture Leave In Conditioning Mist
I screwed up because I thought I was buying Nourishing Moisture Spray that's made for dry, thick hair, while this one is for thin, baby hair. Their brand became so confusing after the expansion and reviews are so sparse with wrong pictures and names that I accidentally thought this was it. But all is not lost as I've checked ingredients at home and it looked very promising. It's a leave-in conditioner that you apply on damp hair (I wanted a dry oil type of product to apply on dry hair, like Orofluido's Sahara) and it's very light, but it definitely added a nice boost of moisture to my hair. So far I like it. The scent is quite strong and kind of chocolatey-oriental, but I somehow have a feeling it's not going to be the favourite of many because it's a heavy one.
Salma, 6.20 €

DOVE Advanced Hair Series Youthful Vitality Hair BB Cream 
I've talked in my previous New in that I'm searching for Dove Quench Creme Serum or at least a good replacement, so this is the next product I'm trying. I read fantastic reviews about this so I had high hopes and ingredients are brilliant for a drugstore product, as it contains keratin and coconut oil reasonably high on the list. How did I not know that Dove has such amazing hair stuff? It's another fantastic product for frizzy, dry hair that is on pair with Sebastian Professional Potion 9.  It's a lot lighter than Quench or maybe I should say more fluid and less of a serum feeling, so it's not as good applied on dry hair as Quench because it leaves that wet and not a silicone feeling, but it's not sticky and it definitely makes the hair more moisturised. On damp hair before blow drying it's spectacular. It helps my hair look more smooth, shiny and silky, it basically feels normal and moisturised. Very happy with this, though Quench is a little bit better. 
Salma, 5.10 €

L'OREAL Magic Retouch
brown (ger. braun bis mittel braun)
Worry not I'm not going grey yet (or hopefully for the next 30 years), but I got this for my mom, who only has individual greys and I don't like that she needs to colour often just because of those, as hair colours are so aggressive and we both have very dry hair. These type of products for hiding grey hair and roots have become a big thing recently and I found a few products in out shops, but I grabbed this one because it looked most simple to use. I got the third shade, the one for brown hair (they have one for dark brown hair, but there are four shades sold here in general), however, I should have taken a lighter one as this one suits my hair more, while mom has a lighter shade of brown, so if you're planning to buy this, get a shade lighter than you think. It covers grey hair perfectly and if the colour is right, it's not even visible. My mom is really happy with this product. It's not a dry shampoo-powder kind of product, it's already more like a high coverage liquid colour. It's got a tinny nozzle, so it's easy enough to apply on small sections, but not ideal. I tried this on my arm for colour one and soap couldn't remove all of it, so I walked with a stained arm for a few days, so it should last long on the hair. The bottle is quite small for the price though, it's only got a 100 ml.
Müller, 8.95 €

*L'OREAL Elseve Extraordinary Oil
Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Oil
The fact that I'm a massive fan of the shampoo has been well established already - it's by far my favourite drugstore shampoo and one I use pretty much all the time, however, I've tried the mask before too and it didn't impress me, since my hair needs a lot of care (it should fit hair that has dry ends, but not overly so, however, for my hair I much prefer their Total Repair 5). The conditioner is not unlike the mask, so another thicker texture product, but it's not too heavy and neither very nourishing, still it should fit moderately dry hair. The oil is very, very light, in fact too light for proper care and it's not enough for my hair, however, similarly to Kerastase Elixir Ultime, it's nice for some simple hair taming because it doesn't weight down the hair at all. This one might just work for thin hair and you get all the benefits of an oil-silicone, so shine plus detangling. The scent of all products is oriental with a cinnamon note.

BATH & BODY WORKS PocketBac Antibacterial Hand Gel
Sweet Pea
Bath and Body Works is one of those unicorn brands like The Body Shop that aren't available in Slovenia, but I find them immensely appealing because I like these types of products they sell. I found a few bits on Salma and I decided to try at least one product to see what all the fuss is about. I really overpaid the bottle, I knew that and it even has a sticker on the back that it costs a dollar plus change, but I'm allowed to be so stupid occasionally. This is so adorably small, it's a 29 ml version, so it really fits into every pocket. I picked scent Sweet Pea because I believe it's one of the most popular scents form BBW, but it's nothing special - very freshly floral and quite pleasant. It's a very basic antibacterial gel, so it offers no care like Soap & Glory's (which is awesome), so I prefer that one, but the size of this one is so practical. 
Salma, 4.90 €

REFAN Scents
Dupes of Angel and CK ONE
If someone told me ten years ago I'd be buying Angel, I'd say they're crazy, but then again I used to hate Fantasy too, so it just proves how much we change. I had a sample of Angel hidden somewhere and I've been trying to use up all the vials I have, so I just poured it somewhere and to my surprise I loved it so much. It's completely different than I remember. It's still a silage monster and a scent you have to commit to wearing all day because you can't cover it up, neither scrub it off. It's a fragrance that is so full of everything, it's difficult to love and easy to hate, so for me it's going to be something I wear on day when I won't be around too many people because I don't want to be the one with the heavy fragrance, even though it smells lovely to me - I smell chocolate, honey, cinnamon - it's definitely a gourmand scent, but there is that note of patchouli that I feel like people might have most problem with it because it's already makes it more masculine.
I was in need of a very simple, clean smelling fragrance that I could just spray liberally and have for occasions when it's not the most appropriate to wear a lot of fragrance. CK One is a crowd favourite from the late 90's, also labelled as an unisex fragrance, which I agree. It reminds me a bit of Emporio Armani Lei, but it's more citrusy. They call it an out-of-the-shower scent and that's what it is, a simple clean, citrusy scent, but it actually manages to last really long.
By the way, Refan stopped offering 15 ml bottles, which makes me angry because I loved the concept of having many small sizes of fragrance, as I change my scent a lot.
Refan, 9-10 € (30 ml bottles).

One of my favourite scents by Yankee that I discovered at Christmas. It's not a typical Christmas scent that's why I bought it again now and to me it smells like wild strawberries and a bit of pine, which actually ends up smelling like picking strawberries in the forest. 
Sea Salt & Sage
Now I get what all this fuss about the sea salt and sage combo - it is so lovely. Very clean smelling and it has a hint of that seaside feeling. Truly lovely.
Shea Butter
Another scent I repurchased, but before I had the votive candle and I love the waxes much more because they actually fill the room with the scent. It's such a lovely warm, cream and clean scent. 
Salma, 1.82 - 2.19 €

Fragrance Samples
A very generic type of celebrity scent, but nonetheless very likeable and easy to wear. It's the epitome of the fruity floral category - I smell sweet pineapple (notes mention berries and citrus) and a gentle white flower scent, it's basically a Fructis shampoo type of scent. I love the bottle of this and the scent is one of those that fits any occasion, so I might even buy it one day. Staying power and projection are average.

Again nothing I haven't smelled a million times. It's a similar fruity-floral-vanilla like Viva La Juicy, Flowerbomb and Jimmy Choo, but already more candy-caramel sweet like Prada Candy. To me it's likeable and easy to wear, but it's a classic (albeit a more grown up) sugary scent.

Fruity, woody and floral. It's a mix of sour-sweet fruit (blueberry and plum), flower notes (iris, gardenia and rose, though I don't smell the latter) and base notes are presented by patchouli (can't smell it) and sandalwood. It's quite a young fragrance to me, but not in a completely sugary sweet teenage-y way. I saw it costs about 20 € for 80 ml on Salma, so it's pretty cheap.
Salma, 0 - 1.30 €

Have a great day!
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Chantecaille Lip Sticks from the Protect the Lions Collection for Fall 2016

My last purchases from Chantecaille's Protect the Lions Collection for Fall 2016 were two Lip Sticks ($36). Full color release combined with a delightfully creamy texture makes Chantecaille Lip Stick both glamorous and incredibly comfortable. It's infused with natural beeswax, vitamins A and C, and emollient amino acids. The new shades are, left to right above, African Violet, a dramatic
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Everyday Bag Essentials

Hi girls !
Today I decided to show you what I carry in my everyday bag. I rarely switch around my bags so this stays in my main bag all the time. Maybe I carry too much around but when you are in need of something, it's better to be prepared.

To start of: sunglasses above are from H&M and I love them. I put them in a case from Pupa Milano because it's pretty and sturdy. And then of course I'm never leaving a house without keys which have a donut keychain on them.
Because I cannot stand having dry lips, I always have a lip balm (Labello - Repair & Care) & nude/moisturising lipstick (Essence - LE) with me to touch up. Also you gotta have some chewing gum. You can also call me handkerchief girl. If anyone needs it, I'm always there. It seems like not a lot of people carry these around but I like having them if anything happens and I just need one.
Then I also have this "pet hair" roller because my cat is mainly white and I like wearing black clothes, so I need one of these. And lastly on this picture: my wallet. It's a bit older now, but I cannot find a perfect sized wallet like this one anymore. It's from Accesorize and it's just perfect. Not too big and not too small. Plus it's pretty.

Next up is my striped cosmetics bag. It's well used and it carries all of those products (above) inside.
Firstly some pills (for headache or problems with belly acids) and eye drops because I wear contact lenses a lot. Then I have some makeup to touch up: a Wet n' wild powder which is pretty nice and it serves me well & also Bourjois healthy mix concealer to cover imperfections or touch up foundation. A comb comes in handy sometimes. Being a glasses wearer I always carry around a little cloth to clean glasses. 
Next up is a lovely Caudalie hand cream which is not greasy at all and it smells refreshingly of grapes. Also a nail file is a must, this tiny one is from Essence. I also carry around a small roller-ball perfume from Zara which smells fresh but a bit floral. Then to touch up I have a mirror from Green Line cosmetics. Also some pins and a hair bobble to keep my hair out of the way. And the last two things are: Mattifying Papers & Antibacterial wipesThat's kinda a lot, right ?

So, what else do you carry around in your bag ?
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Chantecaille Pride Cheek Shade for Fall 2016

Chantecaille's Pride Cheek Shade ($40) is a silky, smooth powder blush that adds the perfect hint of natural color to your face.  For a limited time, the Pride Cheek Shade will be available in the refillable Pebble Compact. Five percent of the proceeds of its sale will go to Lion Guardians. Pop over to look at their beautiful and inspiring Web site. Processed with a new technology that
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2 Great Beauty Products Everyone Needs By MoMoUP

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*
*PR Sample

Sometimes when you see cute, it may not be practical or functional.  Yet,  when it comes to Asian beauty brands, they always have a knack for combining both.  MoMoUP is one brand creating these products and these are two which everyone should have.
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