WEN by Chaz Dean: Bringing Life Back To Oily Hair

If you're like many people, you can run your fingers through your hair at times and simply feel the oil that has accumulated during the day. This oil can sometimes give a greasy look to the hair that is not what you desire to see when you're looking in the mirror. One of the products that you can use in the hair to help with the oil production is cleansing conditioner. This is a conditioner that cleans the hair while making it soft at the same time. It doesn't require the use of the excess products that are seen with shampoos that can often cause buildup of debris on the scalp.

What Do You Need To Know?

A cleansing conditioner refreshes the hair while balancing and cleansing. It doesn't strip away the natural oils that are present or the nutrients that give the hair volume and life. When hair is constantly stripped of its natural oils it often responds by overproducing oil, leading to hair that’s limp and unmanageable. This overproduction of oil can also lead to breakage and split ends. Cleansing conditioners can prevent an excess amount of oil from building over time if you use the conditioner in the recommended manner.

There aren't any detergents in cleansing conditioners. They give moisture back to the hair without the use of sulfates that create a lather like you would find using shampoos. An added benefit of using a cleansing conditioner on oily hair is that you won't see frizzing or dryness. You'll be able to easily comb through the hair and style it in various ways without worrying about pulling the hair out or dealing with the friction in the hair that can leave it damaged. When you're looking for a cleansing conditioner, it should be free from the sulfates and other products that tend to sit on the scalp. You also want to avoid most added fragrances as these will only add more oil to the hair. Many of the cleansing conditioners that you can get now simply seep into the hair to remove the excess oil before the product is rinsed away.

Why WEN?

WEN by Chaz Dean features several types of cleansing conditioners that are made with natural products. The products offered by the company leave the hair with an invigorating and natural smell, touch and feel. Products in the WEN hair line of cleansing conditioners include a light conditioner for those who are looking to restore the health of the hair as well as conditioners that are made for children that are much gentler on the hair.

For more information, follow @WenHaircare on Twitter.

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Review: Cover Your Gray 2-in-1 Mascara (Medium Brown, Dark Brown)

Once you start coloring your hair, you have to be prepared for the regrowth  and coloring your roots once a month or two months. The roots can look weird, if your natural color differs from your hair color. I have naturally very cool almost grayish brown hair and I dislike that cool tone so much. I always color my hair in a golden brown shades and once the roots grow out, it can look a bit weird. That's why I was interested in trying out Cover Your Gray products, to basically try to hide my roots. I don't have gray hair as of yet. 

Hair mascara comes in a plastic packaging with two sides. The plastic color should indicate color on the inside, but I wouldn't bet on it. Color inside is not identical to the plastic color.

In it is 7 ml of product and the price is 6.99€. You can choose among 6 shades, but I think in our stores you can find 4 shades. 

It has two sides like some of those old school mascaras. On one side you have a doe foot applicator and on the other side your have a mascara wand

Sponge applicator is better for applying color on sideburns or for filling in the roots. You can also apply the product with the sponge and then brush it out with wand. It gives you a higher coverage. Mascara wand brushes through the hair and gives them a light wash of color. It's not as opaque looking and it doesn't cover all the hair. I think mascara is best suited for those strands of hair that may have some unwanted color in them. 

I wanted to try out Medium Brown color and I was sent Dark Brown at first, so now I can swatch both shades for you. 

Dark Brown is a cool toned brown. It's definitely very dark and too dark for my hair color. The weirdest thing about it is that it has gold shimmer in the formula. I don't understand why, because it looks really odd on the hair. 

Medium Brown is medium brown shade with slight warm red undertone

Texture of it is like a thicker cream or almost like a mousse cream. It is pigmented enough that it covers gray or colored hair, but it all depends on application. If you apply it with mascara wand, it doesn't cover all the hair. If you apply it with a sponge, it gives better coverage and can cover the entire area. 

It's not the best product to use on the roots, because you need quite a lot of it to cover every strand of hair. I think this is best for certain gray strands or for those strands that didn't get covered with hair color. Sponge applicator is also great for covering sideburns, which are one of those parts of the hair that show hair regrowth the quickest. You can also thicken your hair line with it, if you feel like you don't have enough hair around there. 

It is harder to apply on longer hair, because it tangles them. Especially, if you try to cover just the roots, it can get a bit messy. 

I also don't like the fact that it makes the hair slightly wet, which also means that it looks shiny. After a while it dries down a bit, but then the hair feels crunchy, like when you apply cheap hair spray. It is slightly sticky and the hair can become really stiff, if you apply more coats of it. If you fluff the hair afterwards, it can also give you a bit of volume because of the added texture. 

The look of it on hair is actually not as bad as it may look on the photos. It actually gives you color and covers roots or gray hair. It's just the texture that didn't impress me. 

Here I applied Medium Brown on the right side. You can probably notice that the right side is a bit clumpier looking and it has warmer tone. My natural hair color is cooler and as you can see the shade isn't exactly a match for my hair color that I use.

Here you can also see my root regrowth with nothing on. 

On the left side I have Medium Brown and on the right side I have Dark Brown. I hope you can see golden flecks of shimmer on the right side. It's really hard to catch it on camera. It looks like I have dandruff and I don't get why they would put shimmer in a hair color.

Here I also wanted to show you how you can extend your sideburns and make it look, like you have fuller hair. 

Another minus is that it transfers, so you can't really go to sleep with it. It's more of a day product. Medium Brown doesn't transfer as much as Dark Brown, which is probably because of the darker shade. 

Medium Brown

Dark Brown
I think that this is a product for those of you that may need product that would give you hair color for a strand of hair that didn't get colored or a strand that is gray and stands out. It's also nice for filling in your sideburns and making it appear fuller. It's not exactly for a large part of hair, like roots, because you'll use too much product at once and it still won't cover every single hair.

I don't like that the formula makes your hair crunchy and that it sort of makes it hard to the touch. Basically, it looks obvious on the hair, if you use too much of it. It also transfers. Color choice is small and I sort of get that. But if you don't have a standard hair color, you probably won't find the perfect match, so it's pointless to use on the roots. There is also not as much product in it for you to use it on daily occasions. It's more one kind of a thing, when you really don't have the time to color your hair or you can't for other reasons. 

So it didn't really work out for what I wanted it to use - on roots, but I am not target audience for this. I just think the formula should be less wet looking. That's my main problem with it and of course, don't add shimmer in it, it doesn't make sense. 

*PR products.
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Favorite Skincare, Body & Other of 2016

Hi girls !
To be honest I had a bit of trouble writing this post since this year my blog was more about makeup and not so much about body, skincare and other bits. I do still test a lot of things but then go back to the ones which need to be used up. Still I found a few products which maybe you should try as well.


Mirati Face Wash
I usually buy whichever gel face cleanser since they usually don't impress me. Though I want it to be greatly cleansing. However, this one is quite different. The texture is thick, however when mixed with water it foams up nicely and feel very soft on the skin. It just feels different and more hydrating. Plus it doesn't dry out my skin at all. I blogged about it here.

Caudalie: Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid
This face cream quickly became my favorite one. After years of searching for a great mattifying cream, I've successfully found something other than Vichy Normaderm which I've been using for 5 years. Firstly I discovered TBS Tea Tree mattifying cream which is high on top of my favorites list but somehow this one by Caudalie really stole my attention. It's such a gentle, light weight cream and great for oily skin. Containing natural ingredients it also feels good to be putting onto my skin. And I like the matt effect even though eventually I get oily. You can read my review here.

Vichy Idealia Eyes Eye Contour cream
Recently I've started using eye creams more often. And I especially like this one. It brightens up the under eye area while hydrating it. It's perfect for a routine before makeup since it sinks in right away. Though for a night time it could be more moisturizing.

Garnier Biphase Micellar Clenasing Water in Oil
There have been two micellar waters that impressed me - this one and by Bocassy. However I chose this one just because I'm used to anything infused with oils, so it's very easy to remove makeup. It does the job amazingly, plus it smells very fresh. And in comparison to any oil makeup remover it is much better since it's not that greasy. Thought maybe I wouldn't recommend it for those who dislike cleansing oils or such since it can leave behind a big of a greasy feeling. However I always double cleanse my face so it's perfect for me.


Afrodita Cosmetics Natural Balance Intimate Soap
I've only mentioned this product in my empties. Intimate products are not something we talk about a lot, however a soap is a must. It's balancing (the intimate area has different pH than whole body) and keeps the area fresh while this one with aloe vera also acts calming. I've tried the 3 Active version, however I kind of prefer this one. Also I love the fact that it's Slovenian made.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel
I know it's a mini sized product - 75ml to be exact, however it impressed me after just a few uses. Being infused with built-in body lotion it leaves the skin nicely soft and feels extra moisturizing. Besides that, I just looove the scent. It smells fruity but a bit floral, it's just unique. I need to purchase a full size soon.

Lush Sleepy Body lotion
I know I haven't been using this lotion for a long time (only two months), however I totally fell in love with the scent. I've talked about Lush body lotions before because they're the best to me. And then Christmas collection came out and along this body lotion. I just love the sweet lavender scent, it's just so comforting. Sadly you might not find this scent in stores anymore as it was part of Christmas collection.


Lush I love Juicy shampoo
I've been using this shampoo for more than a year which is rare for me. It is simply the best I could find for my type of hair (greasy scalp, drier ends). So basically it is a shampoo with fresh juices which cleanse my scalp while Carrageenan Extract leaves it nicely soft. I don't even need a conditioner afterwards. Though I have to warn you that combination of juices can sting the eyes while washing.

Jessica Phenomen Culticle oil
My culticles have been very dry this year and when I remember I always choose this oil. Unlike some other oils, it absorbs quite quickly and doesn't leave behind too much of a greasy feeling. I dislike the almond scent but will still use it since it works nicely. I don't know how I will ever use it up because you need a small amount so it's definitely worth the money.

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Hair Styling: Adding Volume And Thickness

Hey Beauties!

When it comes to styling my hair, I am really lazy. I do love to treat my hair with leave in treatment and hair masks, but I don't like to style it. Part of the reason is, because I have very fine and flat hair, so nothing holds. If I curl my hair, it holds for maybe one hour and then it starts to vanish. It's almost like magic (sarcastic me). You can imagine how hard it is to add some volume to my flat fine hair. That's why I decided to share some hair products that in combination give me the best result that is possible. 

L'Oreal Elseve Fibralogy Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

I've been avoiding drugstore hair products, because I was under the impression that they just don't work. Well, I was wrong. These are supposedly meant for hair that's lacking thickness (yep, me!). This technology, called Filloxane, should penetrate in your hair and make them look thicker. All I know is that these two actually add some volume to my hair and even make them look thicker, even though they can't permanently change my hair, obviously. 

Both have blue plastic packaging with a pop up pink top. It's classic and works fine. In each is 250 ml of product and they cost around 3€.

Shampoo has creamy and runny texture. It's an off white shade and it leathers well. Conditioner is like a thicker cream. It coats the hair well and makes them soft and nourished, but not silky and slippery. They both have that hair salon scent, which I can't explain, but I really like it. 

Since I have dry ends, I love to use shampoos and conditioner for dry hair. Those make my hair silky soft and flat. These two also nourish my hair and make them smooth, but they also look thicker. They're not flat and there's definitely some added volume, which I assume is the same as with someone who has naturally thicker hair. Even if I just use these two products instead of regular shampoo and conditioner, I still get a bit more volumised and thicker looking hair. It's just not as flat as it's normally. 

got2b Volumania Volumising Spray Mousse

I saw Mateja mentioning this product and when I saw it in the store, I decided to get it. I've had a hate relationship with hair foams for a while. When I was in my teenage years I used them a lot, but stopped, because they made my hair greasy. All foam hair products still make my hair greasy, if I apply them directly on the scalp. 

Mousse comes in a metal can with a funny dispenser on top. It reminds me of cats and dogs that get those plastic things put on to avoid chewing their sick paws and such. It's pink colored. In it is 250 ml of product and the price s something around 6€. I am not sure if these are still sold in Slovenia, becuse I couldn't find them in physical stores. 

It produces foam that actually vanishes, if you hold it in the hands for too long. I think this is supposed to be used sprayed directly on the roots of hair, but I always spray it in hands. That way I can control where I want to apply it. 

It has almost sickly sweet raspberry scent and it also feels like sugar in hair. This makes my hair slightly sticky and I try to apply small amount, avoiding the scalp. Sometimes I also apply it along the hair legth to give some extra volume. For me this works as a root lifter. It gives slight volume on the roots, making hair look a bit more puffy and not flat on top. 

When I blow dry my hair with this product, I like to comb my hair with hands and hold the hair up, away from roots. This way I get optimal root lift. Not to say that this holds for hours, because it doesn't. You may not even notice the difference, but I definitely see it, which is more than nothing. 

Toni&Guy Casual Rough Texturiser

I also wanted some kind of texturiser to give my hair some texture to hold curls and such. Volume can vanish in matter of minutes, but some texture in the hair, should prevent this. I heard some good things about this one from Toni&Guy and because it was on sale, I gave it a go.

It's silver blue matte can spray. In ti is 200 ml of product and costs around 7€. It promises root lift and backcombed effect for casual, dishevelled volume with a matt finish.

Comes out slightly wet and then gets matte and almost dry. It looks like a mix of regular hair spray and tiny bit of dry shampoo. I wouldn't agree that this gives root lift, because on my hair it doesn't. It only adds texture to the hair, which means you can style them and scrunch them and they won't look as flat as usual. This is definitely one of those bed hair or after sex hair looks. My hair feels and looks thicker. It also  holds more volume. I m not as impressed as I thought I would be. My toughts were that this is going to hold my volume like crazy, but it doesn't. I have to dishevel my hair again and again, in order to give back that texture and volume.

I like to apply lots of it and it seems like the product is vaishing from the can really fast. So I have a feeling this won't last me a long time. 

Here is demonstration of how the product works on my hair. First photo is of shampoo, conditioner and mousse. These three together make my hair look thicker, add some volume and some root lift.

In the process of adding texturiser my hair can look crazy volumised. I like to scrunch my hair while spraying texturiser in. 

And here is how it looks like after I tame that. So basically on the bottom photo is my hair with all four products together. I find that these all together give my fine and flat hair some slight change in thickness, a bit more volume, slight root lift and some added texture that stays in the hair. If you fluff them here and there, it can almost last through the day. 

 I also wanted to show you that I also use combination of these products, when on rare occasions, I decided to curl them. My not so flat hair - using shampoo, conditioner and mousse.

This is curled hair, before I applied any texturiser. 

As you can see the texturiser gives me some added volume and texture, but again, it doesn't really last on my hair.

With combination of these product I can make my hair looks lightly more volumising and add some texture. I have naturally fine and flat hair and have come to realization that I'll just never have those hair commercial hair. That's why I often times just don't bother with all the hassle. If someone wants to prove to me that my hair can have some volume, I am up for a challenge. Name the place and time and I'll be there. 
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Meze: Trd šampon za normalizacijo mastnega lasišča (slo) + Nagradna igra

Danes vam bom predstavila izdelek naravne kozmetike Meze (najdete jo tudi na omrežju Facebook).
Trdi šamponi so zanimivi in veliko ljudem ni jasno kako delujejo oziroma se jim zdi uporaba zakomplicirana ali pa so tako navajeni svoje rutine ter tekočih šamponov. O trdem šamponu sem že govorila, ko sem ocenila Lushev šampon Jumping Juniper. Meni je ta prijeten in tokrat sem dobila priložnost, da preizkusim še enega, ki je narejen "doma", izpod rok gospe Mire. Seveda sem izbrala šampon, ki je primeren za moje mastno lasišče.

Sestavine:: SODIUM COCO-SULFATE, AQUA, ILLITE, URTICA DIOICA (kopriva), MENTHA PIPERRITA OIL (olje poprove mete), CITRUS LIMON PEEL OIL (olje limonine lupine).

Moja izkušnja:
Šampon ima precej zeliščen vonj, ki pa ni tako moteč saj ga po pranju tudi ne zaznam. Če še ne poznate takšnih šamponov v trdem stanju, je njihova glavna lastnost, da se res počasi topijo. Ta je za približno 20 do 25 pranj.
Podrgne se po mokrih laseh (kar nekajkrat, saj se šampon malce bolj počasi topi) ali dlaneh, s čimer se ustvari kremasta pena. Ker ne vsebuje SLS, temveč SCS (kar je naraven nadomestek), se ne speni tako dobro oz. hitro na kar sem se morala malce navadit. Lase si potem umijete kot običajno. Sama si 2x šamponiram ter nato nanesem kakšen balzam in podobno.
Učinek: lasje so dobro očiščeni, ampak ne suhi ALI slamnati, temveč precej mehki. Običajno drogerijski šamponi zelo izsušijo celotne lase, ker so res dobro očiščevalni, tako pa pri tem nisem imela večjih problemov. Na začetku sem si lase lahko celo umivala na 3 dni (običajno si jih na 2 dni), vendar se moji lasje hitro navadijo novih izdelkov ter je ta učinek izpuhtel. Torej si z njim perem lase kot običajno: na 2 dni. Bolje se je odrezal, kadar moji lasje niso bili preveč mastni, saj se na primer po 4 dneh ne umivanja na mojem lasišču nabere kar veliko olj, česar ta šampon ni mogel odstranit v celoti. Vseeno ga priporočam tistim, ki iščete bolj naravno alternativo. So pa punce zadovoljne tudi s šamponi za druge tipe las.

Cena: 9,99€ (več tukaj)

Za začetek pa imate tudi na voljo manjše srčke, za do 10 pranj (klik tukaj).


 ( Illustration by: me - inspired by packaging)

S Kozmetiko Meze smo se odločili, da Vam podarimo še en trdi šampon. Ta je posebej namenjen za suhe in poškodovane lase. Torej priporočam, da v nagradni igri sodelujte, če imate točno takšen tip las. Vse podatke pa izpolnite v aplikaciji Rafflecopter (če se vam kje zatakne, me kar kontaktirajte). Traja do nedelje 20.03.2016.

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