Cinderella White Esthetic Serum-in UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++

Cinderella... She was never my favorite Disney princess. In fact, if anything, I found her to be annoying as all hell. Maybe because I always felt closer to the evil stepsisters. I mean, I could understand them. I wasn't pretty, I wasn't particularly smart either and I knew full well there would never be a rich and handsome prince charming waiting for me at the end of the rainbow. So, when a
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Swatching my Lipstick Collection

There are a few shades in my collection that never got to be properly swatched on the blog because for years I was using only my phone camera and for a long time I didn't even venture into doing full face swatches. I had a plan to revamp some of my old reviews as soon as I get a proper camera and that's exactly what I've been doing for the past months. These first four lipsticks were bought in my bright coral phase - I wasn't the only one who had it - but now I just can't really find myself liking these shades on me, apart from the red Bourjois one, which is lovely and so comfortable on the lips.

I used to love this one, but now all that's screaming in my head is: too much of a white base. It's just soo bright, but nude - I know, weird combination and I know it doesn't look so bad, but there is something about it that's just that little bit off. The formula is one of those lip balm-lipstick hybrids, so creamy-glossy on the lips with a poor staying power, but comfortable to wear. My shade Coral Ambition is a pale peachy shade with some pink and as I said, it has a white base. Just check the swatch on the arm how bright it is, while on the lips the natural pigment tones it down.

I remember this being a love at first sight because every coral I've picked until then, turned orange on me. The quality also impressed so much at the time, as it truly was such a step up in the drugstores with its pigmented, but at the same time light formula. Fraise Remix is pinkish orange-coral shade that is a great statement summery shade for those with a warm undertone. By the way it's a dupe for Lancome Rouge in Love - 340B Rose Boudoir, which costs twice as much. Formula is creamy, nicely pigmented, basically the same as Lancome's Rouge in Love, so also comfortable to wear. Staying power is very decent for a lipstick with a creamy finish.

There used to be a bit of a hype about this shade. It was quite unique in the drugstores, still is I guess, and a popular summery shade. It's pinker than Fraise Remix with much less coral. Formula is a bit less silicone-smooth feeling than Bourjois, but nonetheless very good for a drugstore lipstick.

I neglect this one far too much. It's kind of Lady Danger's more red, sheer sister, so it's a nice warm red. Formula is super comfortable, with a semi-opaque pigmentation and for such a type of lipstick it surprisingly doesn't disappear from the lips in 15 minutes.

I didn't stop at only four shades, but I took some extra time to swatch again some other shades at which I felt the original picture wasn't good enough - not in terms of colour accuracy though, I'm actually surprised how good they were in that respect. Pictures were already added to the original posts.

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Review: Essence The Cushion Eyeliner – 01 Black

I've seen cushion blushes, foundations and lipsticks, but never before have I seen cushion eyeliner. Essence jumped on the cushion trend and decided to make their version of eyeliner in a cushion system. Catrice also has similar cushion eyeliner. I went for the Essence once, because it was cheaper and I thought that both were pretty much the same, since they're made by the same company.

It comes in a small glass pot with black plastic top. I make sure to screw the top on well to prevent it from drying. Inside is a textured cushion that holds the product which is basically black liquid.

In it is 3 ml of product and it costs 3.29€.

The cushion is like a soft sponge that has drank up the liquid. This way you have a liquid trapped inside a cushion so it doesn't spill and it stays fresh

Color 01 Black is a black color. It's not ultra black, but black enough for my liking. As soon as you dip the brush into cushion eyeliner, you get pigmented swatch with one swipe. 

At first it's liquid, but it dries down very fast. Which means you have to be quite quick with application, because you don't have a lot of play time. That wouldn't be a problem, if it didn't mean that it dries on the brush as well which makes the brush stiff and not bendable anymore. That's why I usually use multiple brushes with one application. I'm a perfectionist and can't pull of winged liner in one swipe.

You can choose among thin pen like liner brushes or use the ones that are wider and have diagonally cut bristles. I personally prefer thin pen like ones, because I get more precision with them. If you're brush is frayed, the application will be difficult. Gel liners usually coat the brush and prevent the bristles from looking frayed, but this cushion liner acts like a pen formula, so it just soaks into the bristles, but doesn't really stick them together. It also means you'll have to clean the brush after every use.

It's definitely not for beginners. You have to be skilled with application in order to get the perfect winged liner. 

I compared it to my other liners. Catrice Liquid Liner in 010 Dating Joe Black is the only one that's a proper matte shade. It's the blackest and more blue toned black. Clio Kill Black Brush Liner in Black is the most similar in the shade. It's black, but not ultra black. Clio Kill Black Pen Liner in Black is slightly darker. 

Essence Cushion Eyeliner looks like a mix of Clio Pen and Brush Liner. It has good pigmentation and just slightly gets into the cracks of the skin, but not as much as usually pen liners do.  

As much as I love liquid formula that is pigmented and glides on like a dream, I hate that it makes the brush stiff and dries so fast. Fast drying time is good for those with hooded eyes as it won't transfer. It's also very long lasting. I even sweated my ass off in the gym and it didn't move at all. The finish is slightly sheeny, not matte, but also not as shiny as some other eyeliners. 

The scent is artificial and kind of chemical.

Here you can also see how it looks like on my eyes.

I love the liquid formula that gives you an amazing precision with the right brush. It's well pigmented and has nice black color. It's also very long lasting and smudge proof. I hate that it dries ultra fast and makes the brush stiff. It's also quite hard to find the thinnest brush possible in order to get the precision that you usually get with brush liners or pen liners. The product itself is great, but I just find it too much of a hassle to put it on. Regular pen and brush liners do the same in a much more convenient form. 
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WEN by Chaz Dean: Bringing Life Back To Oily Hair

If you're like many people, you can run your fingers through your hair at times and simply feel the oil that has accumulated during the day. This oil can sometimes give a greasy look to the hair that is not what you desire to see when you're looking in the mirror. One of the products that you can use in the hair to help with the oil production is cleansing conditioner. This is a conditioner that cleans the hair while making it soft at the same time. It doesn't require the use of the excess products that are seen with shampoos that can often cause buildup of debris on the scalp.

What Do You Need To Know?

A cleansing conditioner refreshes the hair while balancing and cleansing. It doesn't strip away the natural oils that are present or the nutrients that give the hair volume and life. When hair is constantly stripped of its natural oils it often responds by overproducing oil, leading to hair that’s limp and unmanageable. This overproduction of oil can also lead to breakage and split ends. Cleansing conditioners can prevent an excess amount of oil from building over time if you use the conditioner in the recommended manner.

There aren't any detergents in cleansing conditioners. They give moisture back to the hair without the use of sulfates that create a lather like you would find using shampoos. An added benefit of using a cleansing conditioner on oily hair is that you won't see frizzing or dryness. You'll be able to easily comb through the hair and style it in various ways without worrying about pulling the hair out or dealing with the friction in the hair that can leave it damaged. When you're looking for a cleansing conditioner, it should be free from the sulfates and other products that tend to sit on the scalp. You also want to avoid most added fragrances as these will only add more oil to the hair. Many of the cleansing conditioners that you can get now simply seep into the hair to remove the excess oil before the product is rinsed away.

Why WEN?

WEN by Chaz Dean features several types of cleansing conditioners that are made with natural products. The products offered by the company leave the hair with an invigorating and natural smell, touch and feel. Products in the WEN hair line of cleansing conditioners include a light conditioner for those who are looking to restore the health of the hair as well as conditioners that are made for children that are much gentler on the hair.

For more information, follow @WenHaircare on Twitter.

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